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Tivo CacheCARD With Network Interface - Database caching and networking in one card!

Caching - The Tivo database is large (512MB) and every user-interface operation goes back to hard drive to read from the database - the same hard drive that is already busy reading and writing multiple high bit-rate video streams.  The CacheCARD caches the entire database in high speed SDRAM so all database reads can be fulfilled instantly, rather than joining the queue for access to the hard drive.  Database writes go directly to the hard drive so the Tivo database is always protected and is up-to-date on the hard drive.

The result?
A general speedup of the user-interface and halving the time of long operations such as re-arranging season passes.

Network - The CacheCARDTM combines caching with high-speed 100baseTX Ethernet to network your TiVo. The new design utilizes the full 32 bit wide bus to increase efficiency of network operations.  The Ethernet network interface lets you complete your daily call using your broadband network instead of your phone line.  Other mods such as TivoWeb can be installed to use your web browser to list your TiVo's content, schedule recordings, and even control your TiVo remotely.

  • Caches the entire TiVo database for increased user-interface response time.
  • Write-safe - database is always written to disk and protected.
  • Works with industry standard PC133 512MB SDRAM (customer supplied).
  • High speed 32-bit wide 100baseTX Ethernet.
  • Plugs directly into motherboard connector.
  • Designed for use in all Series1 TiVo's - Stand Alone and DirecTiVo model #HDR110, HDR112, HRD212, HDR31201, HDR31202, HDR31203, HDR31204, HDR312, HDR612, PTV100, PTV300, SVR2000, DSR6000, DSR6000R, DSR6000R01, SAT-T60, GXCEBOT
  • Custom drivers installed from installation CD image (download)

Please make sure to read this:
ALL technical support will be handled on the TechnicalPeak Forum.
Requires 512Mb Memory Module to function (customer supplied)

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