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So, you love your TiVo but the Modem has gone bad.  We have solutions that can help without returning your TiVo to Philips or Sony and loosing all of your recorded programming and your season passes, etc.

This is a cable and adaptor kit used to install an external Modem to your TiVo.

This is the kit you need if you have an external serial modem that you'd like to use with your TiVo.  It has a 1/8" mini stereo plug on one end of a 6' cable to plug into the serial port on the TiVo, and a DB9-DB25 adaptor on the other end to plug into the modem.

If your internal TiVo modem has failed, a standard external modem (9.6K to 56K) can be configured to work with a TiVo.  We'll include instructions on how to accomplish this.

The software version on your TiVo does need to be 3.0 or above. This can be seen on the system information screen.

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